To my teens.... Are you ready to go through out the day without anxiety? Are you ready to be 'okay' with messing up? Are you ready to try something that you have been thinking about for a long time? Are you ready to find a couple new friends? While let's go!

My  approach to therapy is a carefully crafted blend that emphasizes the interconnectedness of thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Through this holistic lens, we work collaboratively with individuals to achieve meaningful and lasting change.

Key Elements of Our Approach:

1. Understanding the Connection: I recognize that thoughts, feelings, and behaviors are intricately intertwined. Exploring how they influence each other provides valuable insights into the roots of challenges and the pathways to transformation.


2. Goal-Oriented Exploration: Our approach is firmly goal-oriented. Together, I define clear objectives (along with YOU), breaking down larger aspirations into achievable steps. This empowers individuals to track their progress and celebrate successes along the way.

3. Identifying Unhelpful Patterns: I guide individuals in identifying patterns of thinking and behaviors that hinder personal growth. By bringing awareness to these patterns, I lay the foundation for positive change.

4. Problem-Solving Skills: I equip individuals with practical problem-solving skills to navigate life's challenges effectively. This empowers them to approach difficulties with a solution-oriented mindset.

5. Applying Real-Life Interventions: My approach goes beyond theory. We guide individuals in applying the interventions and strategies discussed during sessions to real-life situations, fostering sustainable change.

We will explore various therapeutic techniques. Integrating the spirit and body is also vital. I will guide you in incorporating exercise, movement, breathing exercises, and mindfulness to achieve this integration.



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